Block party – 2nd edition

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One day at a time...

When I hosted a block party a year ago, just three months after I started blogging, I did not think that I would be in this position again. The year has gone by very quickly.

In order to see how it worked in last year, please go, and check it out here –> part 1 and here –> part 2. Back then, I really enjoyed that format. My goal was to unite the small community around me. I wanted my friends to become each other’s friends. Also, I wanted us all to get to know one another better.

However, this time around, I do not think that would work. The main reason is that my community has grown since then (plays “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang). Moreover, I feel like all of the “Award” posts satisfy the “get to know me” part quite well.

What I did not…

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