I Think: We don’t give the victim a place of power

Here comes another I Think piece from Hafiza Sharmin, an Assamese coming from a matriarchal society, who shares her opinion on the media coverage of sexual violence.

Hafiza 3.jpeg

I am from Assam but I live in Delhi to pursue my higher studies. I think there is a huge difference between the thought process of people in Delhi and where I come from, especially when it comes to gender. There is this sense of suppressing women here. But there, people are more liberal and accepting. In my community, the system is totally different because a girl doesn’t go to her in-laws’ family, the guy comes to her place after marriage.

I did not really follow the media in Assam — the news is mostly about politics and it tends to be biased. They don’t talk much about rape or maybe people don’t report it that much. Also, I come from a matriarchal community so maybe there are fewer cases in my town. Or it could be that cases go unnoticed by the media.

Read the whole article here.

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