Back again?

To be honest, I don’t know!

Where was I? Doing my internship as a journalist analysing how Indian media reports rape and sexual violence. I hope my last few blogs make much more sense to you now.  I’ve been enjoying the experience that I’ve got over the last three months. By the way, the internship is still on! (Check out my published work here if you already haven’t.)

Coming back to the point- saying that I was hell busy with my internship would be a lie. Yes, I was busy but not so much that I should have started to avoid WordPress. How do I know? When I was hell busy during the exams, I was more active here.

To be honest again, I planned to come back to action in August. But the internship got extended (as my editors liked the way I worked) and thus, I gave myself another reason to stay invisible for another month.

I tried to write poetry… I tried to write prose… but in vain… I felt as if my inspiration vanished into thin air… Something has changed. I find it hard to write. I don’t think it’s writer’s block. I find it hard to feel.

I had some content written months and years ago that I could have posted to keep the randomness alive — because I didn’t want the blog to die, I had plans for the months that have passed and that are yet to come– but something inside told me to let it be. I just wanted some space and time.

I tried to write this post many times. As I write this, I am asking myself again and again if I am ready to share it or not. As I read and re-read what I have written, my thoughts appear scattered to me. I don’t know if they appear broken to you too.

At last, I don’t promise but I’ll try to resume Let it Bleed and Moments in September.

Please do stay in touch via comments, emails, twitter or anything and everything that suits you. I’ve missed you all a lot!

8 thoughts on “Back again?

      1. Oops 🙈 Yeah you’re right. Stats went down.. CP and FF were a big help to get others to read your stuff..

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  1. Many veteran bloggers tell you to keep backup content for when you have writer’s block/ don’t have time, etc. But it doesn’t feel right to me. I like getting out the content that I feel at that point in time. Not something I wrote a month ago. Is that how you feel? That it just doesn’t feel “right” to post some random writing from the past?

    I’m glad to hear the internship was successful, though.

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    1. Yes it doesn’t feel right to post something from the past. But I do it sometimes, when the piece makes me feel the same in the present. Also, sometime I also schedule my posts a day or two and sometimes even a week in advance. I think that much of cheating is fair 😀

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