Time and Me- A Turmoil

English translation of समय और मैं- एक कश्मकश, a collaboration piece in Hindi with Niraj of The Lost Heart!

Translations don’t always do justice to the emotions conveyed in the original language. But then, a reader‘s request, so here it goes-


O immature human, be careful

For the sake of God, don’t be excited

To your unknown plans, give a direction

O immature human, be careful

The Lord has made rules and regulations here

Don’t break them, they are the reason of your existence here

I agree, the Lord is convinced of your accomplishments

But don’t forget that the Lord rules here

From your obstinacy, do not try to change the will of the universe

O immature human, be careful

I am innocent but not immature

I am excited but not restless

My ways may be unknown but not my destiny

Passion is my friend but I am not immature

I’ll choose my own ways, I’ll make ways for my destination

I’ll write my destiny

I’m not egotist of my present, I am proud of it

Not narcissism, it’s my self-confidence

O Time, you will change with the era

This is my passion, not my immaturity

Yes, I will change, it’s my nature

You will also change, it is your destiny

I have seen the beginning of your race

I am worried, I will see your end too

I am happy with your self-confidence

With your passion, with your thirst for victory

The Lord is watching the applaud of your victories

You eliminated humanity, by eliminating your purpose

Don’t say it later that Time tormented you

O immature human, be careful

I was right, you changed

You were also right, I also changed

When I fell down, my self-confidence wambled

Then I understood your intentions

All that was not your ego

Today I am satisfied,

With my passion I am reviving humanity

I am happy, you are holding my hand

Walking with me, on my staggering,

Like a father you support me

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

13 thoughts on “Time and Me- A Turmoil

  1. So glad that you translated it. It is very powerful and deep. It is similar to a prayer, or a verse in the Old Testament. Beautifully done as always. Some of those lines could be mantras. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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