The rapes on Page 9

Few days back, I posted Because I am a student of journalism. Here comes my first story of the project Media Action Against Rape (MAAR) NewsTracker.

A close look at the news reports of sexual offences tucked away on the inside pages


Every day there occurs an undetermined number of incidents of rape and sexual violence across India. But only a small proportion of these are reported to the police, and of these, not every incident makes it into the newspapers.

How do we decide which incident should receive news coverage, and how much? Why is that most of the rape and sexual violence reported in the news media end up as one-off stories, not moving beyond the ‘breaking news’ stage?

The Kathua and Unnao cases have made me a more diligent newspaper reader. The above train of thought began because in the last few weeks, I have been flipping through multiple newspapers to know more about those cases. In the process, I have been noticing — perhaps because of the significant coverage provided to these two cases — the many other rape and sexual violence incidents that are tucked away on inside pages.

That some rape cases receive a great deal of attention while some do not is no secret. But to what extent does this happen?

Read the full story here.

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Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

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