Her Own Infinity

Hello everyone!

Writing a poem in collaboration can be really a task! (Even when you are living in the same city :D) Because school, college, exams, work and what not 😀 But yeah, it is hell of an experience!

Following is a poem I wrote in collaboration with Shruti Ohri of Just Scribbled Thoughts. It was amazing to work on it with you love (even after all the time lapses :P). I am glad we did and and finally managed to post it 😀

The paragraphs in green have been written by me, while the ones in violet have been weaved by Shruti. And yeah, the lovely photograph is Shruti’s click 🙂

So here you go…


Calmness of the setting Sun,

Tranquility of the still waters,

Refreshing music falling in her ears,

Away from the rush of the world and its noise,

She tried not to be one of the puppets.



The cold droplets of water embracing the trees,

The trees, dancing to their own tune,

She sat there on a rock,

Aimlessly throwing stones in the puddles,

A painting itself; portraying a painting.



The nature made its attempts all in vain

To absorb her into its music.

On a quest to explore the existential question,

“Who am I?” she tries to distinguish her identity

From that of the rest of the world.


In a world that preaches perfection

Where they all lie within the imperfect,

A quest to discover, to seek to unveil,

Oblivious to the music that nature played,

A mystery she was, to herself.


Staring at the end

Where the Earth met the sky,

And trying to identify her purpose,

She asked herself another question,

“What do I want from this life?”


She ached for a symphony

Yet failed to strike a chord,

Pacing back and forth finding her way through,

And strumming through several harmonies,

In a world full of symphonies, she found her own little infinity.

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