#WriteToTell’s Carla at Safar

Safar (सफर), meaning journey, is a platform through which I take the opportunity to interview beautiful minds.

“Ambitious and open minded”, that’s how she defines herself. Carla is the founder of #WriteToTell Magazine. Carla, a final year Business Administration/Economy student who loves to coax data and creativity, obliges me by answering my questions as a part of the interview session I’ve at Safar.


1. Tell our readers something about your initiative #WriteToTell.

#WriteToTell, started off as a passion, is a magazine that contains the work of other writers/ bloggers and word lovers. Everyone can get involved and it is very easy to connect and see the work of other writers. With #WriteToTell writers can “promote” their work in a magazine that launches every month on the 18th, for free.

2. You could have started a personal blog. What made you want to engage with other writers?


Yes, I could have created a personal blog but I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make an impact on writers’ lives which actually has happened with the first release of the magazine. A lot of writers have received great feedback for their work and even support from other readers has increased which is very nice to see.

That is what makes me proud. I want to support the writers’ community as much as I can because I know how “harsh” the life of a writer can be at times.



3. Who can get published in #WriteToTell?


Anyone can get published in #WriteToTell. You can submit poetry, fantasy, memoir, business works, health and fitness related articles. What matters is that the work should belong to you! Original content is a must.


4. Why did you choose the online platform over traditional?

I wanted #WriteToTell to be easily accessed by everyone. We live in a world where everything needs to happen fast and people no longer pay too much attention to details. Everything is involved around data and the easiest way to share and reach more people is through the online medium.

5. How many people are there in #WriteToTell team?

Currently, there are only two people that are making #WriteToTell Magazine happen. That’s Edi Sandor and me.

I am taking part in reviewing the submitted works, sending them in review, communication with the writers, updating the website, keeping up with the social platforms while Edi Sandor is making all the images and working on the design. He is very talented, reliable and fun to work with. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for absolutely stunning images.

6. What is the biggest challenge that you faced or are currently facing?

At the moment, there are lots of work that are submitted and all these are great writers with great content. It’s difficult to choose only a few that will appear in the next number of the magazine.

This year, I am considering on having two number releases per month but this will probably happen after September.

7. What keeps you motivated?

Getting the work done while seeing others happy and on the right track. I like to see meaning of the work that I am putting into and #WriteToTell does that. It offers others a start in getting their work “out there” and it gives everyone something to be proud of, something they can look up to and share.

8. What is writing to you?

Writing to be is my relief, my remedy, my escape, my future vision and my comfort. I have been writing since I was six and it’s something I really love and I am drawn to all the time.

9. Where do you see #WriteToTell after 5 years?

#WriteToTell will surely have more traffic in the next years with even more readers and writers involved. The team making the magazine will grow and there will be even more content displayed from different niches.

I am also seeing improvements on different aspects related to the design of the website/magazine. The impact of getting your work published in #WriteToTell will be even bigger.  

10. What message would you like to give to our readers?

Always dare to do what feels right for you and be brave while doing it.

Note: The last date to submit your work is 10th of every month. The second number of the magazine will be published on 18th May 2018.


Find the rules of submission here.

Submit your work here or email at submit@writetotellmagazine.com

Check out the first issue of the magazine here.

For updates and queries, connect at-




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