Dear Time


Dear Time

I always heard that you heal everything. But I could never believe it. I could never consider you a friend of mine. Now when I rethink of what I just said, I realise I never had the thought of having you as my friend. It seems like I’m just playing with words.

The first time I thought about you, I remember I was scared of you. You ask me, “Why?” Everyone is scared of you here. They are scared of how you were yesterday and they are scared of how you would be tomorrow. I am one of them. I did not want to be like them. But I could not help it. What they said, I made it a reality. I allowed you to slip by my hands just like sand. I know I betrayed you. I’m sorry.

I did not realise your worth when I should have. Even today I don’t value you as much as I should, but I’m learning to. Seems like I am a slow learner. I am just being honest with you. I’m learning to accept how you were yesterday, I’m learning to be not scared of how you would be tomorrow and I’m learning to love you for who you are today.

You must be wondering why I am writing to you. I wanted to thank you. Thank you for healing me. Thank you for making me realise my worth and yours too. I’ll try my best to let you go away just like that. I know I’m not a good friend. But please be my friend always.


Your Stupid Friend

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In response to Daily Prompt- Betrayed and Let it Bleed (11, 9)

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29 thoughts on “Dear Time

    1. Thankyou so much dear. I’m so glad that liked it. 💕

      Thanks for noticing the error and now I’m wondering how could I even commit the crime 😭

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  1. a beautiful and intimate note to time.
    I told a story about time for T called tick tock. along the way I realised that time is a guide an elder or friend as you put it and then we look at it all so differently don’t we?

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    1. I agree. Time can be a guide, an elder or a friend. It’s just how we look at it. At different times, we percieve it to be taking different roles. Would love to read your story T for tick tock. Could you share the link?


  2. This takes me back to our March writing challenge, one on time – the only source of truth.
    We are never going to have enough time to see and finish it all, whatever “all” looks like. That you appreciate and openly talk about your relationship with time, is simply enough. Step slowly, step carefully, time will find the right moment.

    Nice post.

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  3. Saumya,
    This is an awesome post.
    Time is the most precious of all gifts granted to mankind, in equal measure – but how we spend it then differentiates us.
    Lovely piece of writing.
    H E

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