All the eyes were on him when he entered the office. He was about to reach his workspace when the boss’s secretary came out of his office and announced to him that he was immediately called for.

“You are late again.”

“I’m sorr…”

“I hate that word. I want no excuses. I want the work to be done on time. What’s the update on the project you are working on?” the boss questioned.

“Sir, I was waiting for your…”

“Waiting? Why did I hire you? I’ve never seen an employee like you! I want the presentation to be sent to the clients by lunch. Positively. No excuses. Else you lose the job!”

“Ok sir.”

Little did the boss know that he was not only his employee but also a single father to a four year old. While giving his son the love of a mother who died during childbirth, he became inefficient at work.

In response to Daily Prompt- Inefficient

Photo from Google Images

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