Moments #3

Hello readers!

Have you noticed that I’ve been posting photos titled “Moments”? If not, then click here and here to have a look.

I’ve always loved clicking photos, lots of them. If I am in mood, you can’t keep me away from capturing anything and everything.

In the past, I’ve managed an instagram page called Randomness Captured.  (Yes, you caught me! I started this blog and my instagram page almost at the same time). I posted there on a daily basis for 7 months. It was fun! But then after some time, I felt like it became an obligation for me. It felt a hectic task to do because I shared photos clicked from my digicam only (transferring photos to phone becomes annoying at times) . I stopped posting regularly. And when you don’t do it daily, you just stop doing it sooner or later.

So today, I thought why not make Moments a regular thing. I’ll be sharing my moments with you every Monday. And yes, these photos will be phone clicked only 😀

Hoping that I continue it this time.. Good luck to me 😀


Chai time 💙

Somewhere in Delhi..

13 thoughts on “Moments #3

    1. hehehee.. hum sirf sardi me peete hain ya cold and cough time.. chai is love but then addict nhi hona chai se.. isiliye hum bournvita pite hain 😀 😛

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