*Reblog* Cadavre exquis, anyone? – Take 2

Let’s do some blind writing 😉

Cyranny's Cove

Hello Lovelies!

As you might (or very possibly might not) remember, last October, I played “cadavre exquis” with a couple of fellow bloggers. You can catch up with my first invitation here.

Colin, Suze, The Bag Lady and Urban Liaisonsparticipated and the result was pretty amazing, especially for a first shot!

I’d like to try it again… What do you say?

So first, just in case you wouldn’t know what playing cadavre exquis means, here is how it works… I start a story of my choice. I then send my last sentence to the next writer that knows nothing about what I have writen except that one sentence! When I get writer #2’s part, I send his/her last sentence to writer # 3, and so on, until I have all the pieces of the puzzle.

Of course, the more people join in, the more fun it…

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