I participated in #SheMadeItHappen, an event to celebrate International Women’s Day. The event, organised by Let’s Educate Children In Need (LECIN), is a platform to write and express about any woman around you, who you think, has done any work of encouragement and inspiration for you, in any manner and should be praised talked about.


She tells me how much dramatic I am when I have a story to share-

She must have been smiling
When I cried
For the first time.
She became a mother.

She tells me
That I took my medicines
With ice creams
Because I vomited them.
I was two at that time.

She tells me
How she ran after me
All day long
To make me eat.

She tells me
How I never demanded
Of anything.
I was a sensible child.

I remember
How I used to get tired
Of studying
But she wasn’t
Of teaching me.

I remember
How she fed me
When I was busy studying
For exams.

I remember
How she prayed
Day and night
For my happiness and well being.

I see
In her actions
How much she loves me.

I see
How I never thanked her enough
For being the reason
Of my existence.

I love
How she made it happen
That home seems home
Just with her presence.


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