Beat of his Heart

Wanting to stay

With himself

All his life,

He built huge walls

And closed the doors

To his heart.

Covering his ears,

He did his best

To ignore the knocks.

Without him realising,

She burned

The walls and the doors

To hear the beat of his heart.

In response to SoCs Feb. 24/18 and Weekend Weekly Prompt #43 Heartbeat

17 thoughts on “Beat of his Heart

      1. because it is usually so sappy with hearts flowers and everlasting love as to be completely farcical…or it is so depressing that one wants to shake the writer and say “wake up. Life can be good if you just change your attitude”…plus I had to memorize so many truly bad epic poems at school and they will never leave my brain now! lol

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      2. most of yours are okay….not ALL of them (sorry, I just suck at being politically correct or nice)..and the prose is wonderful. Nevermind this old fart….

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