How will you be happy tomorrow?

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“I’ve got such a hectic schedule,” she cribbed.

“When you’ll enter the corporate world, the burden will be doubled,” her friend said.

“Yes, I know. If only I was not doing this but what I actually love,” she wished.

“Why aren’t you?” her friend questioned.

“I want a secured future,” she justified herself, “life is all about compromises.”

“And what about the present? If you sacrifice your passions today, then how will you be happy tomorrow?”

In response to Daily Prompts- Present, Compromise

15 thoughts on “How will you be happy tomorrow?

  1. I really like how the post (and so many of your others) are written like conversations. It reads like a book and makes me want to know the characters and see where the communication goes next. 🙂

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    1. Oh my! They just come in my mind randomly as I talk to my friends about life and its daily happenings. I’m glad you’re able to connect to the conversations so well ❤


  2. It’s a common scenario when you trade your hobby with your secured future.Blessed are the people who can actually make their hobby their source of income for the rest of us, there is always a compromise. Nice post.

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