The sun melted

Into the earth

At the horizon

To bring her

The much awaited sleep

After the long day’s work

The moon conjured

With the stars

In the black sky

As she closed her eyelids

To enter

The land of her dreams

In response to Daily Prompt- Conjure

18 thoughts on “Conjure

  1. Aghhhhhh the literature student inside me wants to analyse the crap out of this poem but I will spare you the literary analysis of your own poetry hahah! Just know that I think there is so much in this to talk about and ugh I just love it! 🙂

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    1. No no no… Don’t do this to me! Please, I’d love to know what you think about it. I know it would require time, take it. But please do. I love to know how people interpret my words.

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      1. If only time allowed me. It’s already 1:21 am in India and I’ve to get up early for my classes. I gotta sleep *drowning in a pool of tears because I want to read your interpretation*

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      2. Well goodnight and I hope you enjoy your classes! My university is striking so my classes are all over the place at the minute so I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going which is great!!!!

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      3. The first thing I noticed about this poem is that you italicised the whole thing which, coming from another one of your poems where you used normal text, seem overtly intentional. Italicisation is usually used for emphasis or to make a reader stress a particular word. So, in combination with the imagery of the sun melting into earth, that stress is relieved.

        I also noticed that the entire thing is un-punctuated, giving the impression that the poem itself is melting. Your line lengths also seem to oscillate and your poem travels in waves along the page, much like a solid melting and flowing into a liquid. I just thought it was so interesting how you managed to perfectly capture the idea of rising and falling within the very structure of your poem.

        Honestly I could go on to talk about the moon as a feminine object but I won’t but I just loved this so much!!!

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      4. Yeah I get the italics thing. Do you suggest not to italicise unnecessarily? Had the sun not been melting into earth, would it have looked over emphasised?

        I’d love to know the moon as feminine object interpretation too, since you mentioned it and I’m a very curious person 🙈

        *Because I couldn’t stop myself from reading this comment*
        We’ll continue the conversation tomorrow.
        Infact I was thinking that I should make you read all my posts and make you analyse each and every one of them. The count is 76 if I’m not wrong 🙈

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      5. Yes we must continue tomorrow – and no not at all. Italicisation is used USUALLY used sparingly but using it for the whole poem makes for a seriously interesting literary choice!!!!!

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