Let it Bleed- Weekly Prompt Challenge 4

let it bleed

Hey folks!

The prompt for this week is-



  • Interpret the prompt the way you like and write a piece of prose or poetry, fiction or non- fiction, anything that suits you.
  • There are no length restrictions.
  • Create Pingbacks to weekly posts so that I can add your piece to the weekly round-ups. You can comment directly on the weekly post also.
  • Tag your post letitbleed to make it easier for other bloggers to find it in the Reader.
  • Read other participants’ work and let them know your views.
  • Make sure that you post by Saturday so that I can add your piece in the weekly round-up.

Round-up of last week

Hope to see you all again this week and more 🙂

Happy Writing!

26 thoughts on “Let it Bleed- Weekly Prompt Challenge 4

    1. Thankyou for participating dear 😇 You linked your post right. I got the notification. 😇 Since you wanna remain anonymous, can I call you Eve?

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  1. Hi. Not sure I tagged or linked my post correctly. Im new to the blog world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Euni! Welcome to the lovely blog world.Thankyou for participating. The post wasn’t linked properly. Thanks for giving the link. 😊


    1. Heyy! Pingbacks are basically hyperlinks that you add in your post so as to reach some other page. To create a pingback to the post “The Ants”, I copied the link of that post, typed “The Ants- Randomness Inked” in this post and selected it. Then in the formatting tab, there is an icon saying ‘link’, click on it and paste the link that you had copied earlier. And you are done. Complete your post and publish it.


      1. Tagging is different. Tagging would help readers to find your post in the reader when they search for it. Creating a pingback would link your post to my post which would give me a notification that you’ve participated in the event. Just add the link of this post in your post to create a pingback.


    1. Yes I did. I’m extremely sorry for not adding your post in the weekly round-up of last week. I’ll make sure I do it in the next week. And yeah, thanks for participating 💙💙

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