It was a dark night

But the town was glowing

With light, the light of fire

He was sitting in a distant corner

Crying beside his mother

He still dreams

Her screams

For help to save

Her unborn child

All was orange and red

Under the black expanse

Houses were burning down to ashes

Because of the clashes

Among the powerful

They came again

To satisfy themselves

By killing lives

He saw them

Laying their eyes

On his mother

After their heinous wishes were fulfilled

He was left alone

Mother went away

With his sibling

To find respect

Safety and dignity

In another world

Some unknown faces

Offered him food and water

But he ran away

Out of fear

The five-year old

Had lost faith in humanity

He ran and ran

Until he fell down unconscious

When he woke up again

He was in a foreign land

He has been here

For the last seventy years

He has everything today

That he could have asked for

Yet there still resides

A feeling of emptiness

Deep inside his heart

A feeling of longing

For a home

That he could call his own

A feeling of alienation

For this land

Where he set his foot

As a refugee

The violence of the wars has grim side effects on the psyche of young children who witness it firsthand. They lose hope when fear embraces them because of the horrors they experienced. Every moment, they fight a battle against those monstrous memories. They are forced to flee from their homes in search of a better life.

It is easy to take birth as a human but difficult to act like one. It is important to learn to live in peace. It is important to transform fear into hope.

13 thoughts on “Refugee

  1. The line “It is easy to take birth as a human but difficult to act like one” says it all. This is happening all around the world.
    Very well written. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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