Shadows in the Cellar

She met them there

For the first time

She didn’t know them

But they knew her, very well.


She doesn’t remember

When was the first time.


All she remembers is

That they scared her

They were dark

They were black

They had no face

They were many.


She was alone there

All alone

She had no one

But them

And she didn’t want them.


But they didn’t listen to her

They came to her

First in the nights

Then in the days too.


Slowly they made her

Comfortable in their presence

One day finally

She befriended them.

She became happy

They made her just like them

Now she was dark

And black too

Now she had no face

She became one with them.


She was now one of the

Shadows in the cellar

Just like them.

In response to #236 It’s All In The Title- Shadows in the Cellar

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