Are we feminists?

Few months back, during a conversation, my father put forth his idea that it is said that we love our sons more but in practical, it is quite the opposite. He argued that when we find a groom for our daughters, we want him to be tall, have a good body built and earn more than our daughters; implying that we want the best for our daughters. But when we find a bride for our sons, we want her to be short, have a fair colour and earn lesser than our sons; implying that we do not want the best for our sons. I was taken aback by this idea when I heard it first. Later, when I thought, I realised that what he said was right. This is how the Indian society has been working.

The world is talking about feminism today. People are coming forward to support women empowerment by calling themselves feminists without even understanding what feminism actually is.


A feminist says that women are equal to men. A feminazi says that women are better than men. Feminists demand and want equality whereas feminazis are misandrists.

Yes, I agree that women are harassed. But it doesn’t mean that men aren’t.

When the social media was going viral with the #MeToo campaign a couple of weeks ago, with all my female friends posting their stories of sexual assault, I was surprised to see a male friend’s update in which he talked about his experience of sexual abuse during his childhood. I was sad and proud in the same moment- sad because of what happened with him and proud because he had the courage to talk about it.

If a woman complains against a man, the whole society blames the man today and that too without listening to what he has to say in his defense. In the name of feminism, we are actually moving towards feminazi. In the want of getting equal rights for women, the society has started to victimize and hate men.

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