A Loss Beyond Repair


She dreamed a dream

With her heart and soul.

She took the most important decision

To make her path to the destination.

But it turned out to be a failure.

Not one, but three possessions were lost:

The dream, self confidence and self belief.

No other thing in the world

Had the attributes to provide her

The happiness she desired for.

She tried to dream again

But the loss of her possessions

Broke everything into pieces

That couldn’t be mended.

They said, “A woman of her age

Should be mature enough

To discard such petty thoughts.”

No one understood

These were the fears

Of a seventeen year old

Who overpowered the adult she was

Because the teen lost everything

She believed belonged to her.


10 thoughts on “A Loss Beyond Repair

  1. Dreams at 17? Beautifully naive.
    Dreams at my age of 47?
    “Notions of grandeur.”
    I do not get it. How should age be a factor in our dreams of bettering ourselves?
    Obvously, I am never gonna be mistaken for a toddler, and early 20 people will never be mistaken for middle school students.

    But who gets to make these age assignations? And why do we allow them do to it?

    Go for what you want, break the mold, flip off the doubters, and just do your own thing. Even if you are doing nothing cos you haven’t figured out your purpose yet…

    You do you.

    Anyone who asks for more is being delusional.

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    1. I know what you’re saying is right… But probably we have been brought up on such a way that we let people do it to us..

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      1. That cuts both ways. I grew up watching my mom assume the traditional role of taking care of my dad like he was a helpless infant and him doing zero to help with the house or kids so they were programming me to accept that old world gender role thing.
        I never have. If two people live in the same dwelling, I don’t care what your gender is, you’re gonna be washing some laundry and dishes and doing some sweeping and oh, nooo, I am not your beer fetcher.
        Think trying to program me was their big mistake because I went like Incredible Hulk feminist against gender roles, that whole married with kids thing or you don’t exist, make the parents happy or you are a disappointment…
        They unintentionally programmed me to be the antithesis of what they were and wanted me to be. I think it is funny and poetic justice.

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