always“I too will leave

Like others.”

This thought

Scares you the most.

I can read it in your words.


I understand your fear,

I know all that have been going through.


I have assured you

A hundred times

That I won’t leave.

It’s a promise.


“People break their promises

When times change,” you say.


Yes, they do.

But you know what?

The friendship that I have with you,

It is the best thing

That has happened to me

In the last two decades.


You know me inside out.

You have been there with me

In my best times

And you know how to handle

In my worst ones too.

On sharing even a little uncomfortable thought with you,

All my worries disappear.

You know how to tickle my funny bone

And when to cheer me up.

In you, I found a complete package

Of every relationship that a person can have.

There’s nobody

Who gives a friendship like you do,

I tell you always and I mean it.


I’ll always be there with you,

I told you.

I would be happier than you

In your happy times

And in the difficult ones,

Holding your hand,

I would tell you,

Everything will be fine one day.

I’ll be there by your side always.


I’m going to leave?


I’m not insane

To leave a person

Whose presence is a constant source of happiness

In my life.

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