The Road Taken

road-not-takenWe walk the path of life
Full of ups and downs.

Every now and then
There’s a crossroad.

Each time I choose a road
I close the path to a different life.

Once it happened
I wished to take a left
But the circumstances were such
That I had to take a right.

A hard decision it was.

At first I was disappointed
As the road on left was my dream.

But today I feel
That the road on right
Was right for me actually.

How different  life would have been
I wonder
If I had not opened
The road on right.

I do not regret anymore
That I left my dream.

9 thoughts on “The Road Taken

  1. Beautifully written. Everything you said is very true. Life always leads us to a something good. When we make a choice, it’s for the best. Something exciting is right around the corner 🙂 Ps you’re very pretty

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    1. My road untaken
      Has been walked over by thousands
      To be one with everyone else
      To follow the herd
      Seems a childish dream
      After all these years

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